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Life insurance is based on the individual needs and requirements of the client. The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide financial security to those close to you in the event of a client’s death or long-term illness. Alternatively, life insurance can be arranged for life. This means that at a certain date, unless an insured event occurs, the contract is terminated and the client receives a one-off or installment payment of what he has invested in the insurance. Or, moreover, what he earned on the premium. Life insurance has many forms and always depends on the client’s agreement with the insurance company. Life insurance is, however, primarily protected by the financial standard of the family and the people close to it.

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The client approaches a life insurance policy if he / she is aware that his / her relatives are financially dependent on him / her and does not want to get his family into an unsolvable financial situation by his / her own death. Thanks to the insurance policy, the family will receive an agreed amount from the insurance company, which will enable them to keep their living standard or to pay the missing amount of the mortgage or loan. If the breadwinner dies without life insurance, he exposes the family to the risk of becoming “pavement” in popular terms.

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Death as a result of an accident – protects the survivor in the event of a loss of breadwinner Permanent consequences due to an accident – resolves the situation of income decline, protects you and your family Daily indemnities during treatment – provides funds to cover the necessary daily expenses in the event of a loss of income

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To be able to negotiate the most advantageous or cheapest life insurance, you need to focus on the offers of insurance companies. But we will do it for you. Our calculator independently compares the life insurance offered by all insurance companies to the market and presents you with a result according to the relevance or benefits of the life insurance policy. Our life insurance calculator will provide you with a choice that suits you fully.

Accident insurance – a grader

Accident insurance is focused on life insurance and can often be set up under a life insurance contract. What are the reasons for establishing accident insurance and what parameters should be considered when comparing it? As can be seen from the title, an accident insurance policy covers the risks associated with the accident, but also with long-term treatment, long-term reduced working capacity, permanent consequences or even death due to an accident.

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What are the optimal amounts for the negotiation of the contract? You should always think about your own needs in the event of an accident. More specifically, under what standard of living you would not want to fall. Even regular injury can take you out of work for 3 to 6 months. Especially if you do not have enough of your own savings, it is most appropriate for the insurance amount to cover your required average daily expenses (usually 200-300 $). An ideal tool is to arrange a so-called daily allowance for the necessary time to treat the accident, the amount of which will cover your expenses safely. As a rule, insurance companies specify how long the amount of the daily allowance is paid for what type of accident. Permanent consequences of an accident are almost always insured at a higher rate than death due to an accident, which is approximately four times higher. The amount of insurance benefit for these cases should be considered again according to the situation you can expose yourself or your family. The most frequent combinations include $ 5,000 in case of death by accident and $ 2,000 in case of permanent consequences.

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Travel insurance abroad is one of the most important items you should have before going out of the country. Still, during your vacation or business trip there may be a number of unpleasant situations that could complicate your journey without valid travel insurance. Although it is unlikely, some health complications can always come along and, for example, it can cause damage to foreign property. And these very unfortunate and unexpected situations can be more conveniently resolved with travel insurance abroad.

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Consolidation of all loans with the possibility of extending the maturity period Reducing the repayment rate Savings on the fees for conducting more loans Early repayment is free of charge You can insure yourself in case of inability to repay

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Credit consolidation is a mechanism for combining debt / loan commitments with multiple creditors to one of the existing or fully new creditors. Thanks to consolidation, much better control over your commitments can be achieved by simplifying and reducing the volume of administration, more favorable interest rates, reducing administrative fees or reducing the volume of repayments. Consolidated loans may differ in maturity and repayment rates. The newly created loan is a brand new product, from which original loans are repaid by other institutions.

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Thanks to lower installments, you can save money. It does not matter which company you have debts. Consolidate consumer credit, cash loan, credit cards and overdrafts. You do not have to worry about lengthy handling. Everything is done from the comfort of your home. To solve the consolidation, you will need 2 identity documents, all the merged loan agreements, a statement of your current account and a receipt confirmation. After completing the application, a specialist will contact you, explaining everything. We will arrange the administration for you.

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Possibility to set better interest rates Saving large amounts of money Possibility to deal with refinancing via online request Optimization of monthly repayments to lower than the previous Preferred repayment period as in the previous loan Possibility to borrow more

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Refinancing of loans is a new provision of an existing loan in its course, usually by a different financial institution. In other words, the loan lender changes to the newly negotiated terms. The refinancing occurs in most cases on the debtor’s motive. The main reason is to obtain more favorable terms, whether it is a lower interest, a reduction of the repayment or an extension of the maturity. In some cases, it is even possible to get the refinanced loan at a higher amount.

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A typical example may be when the mortgage interest rate ends and the existing bank offers the client a less favorable rate. The client then has the possibility to get refinancing from another institution, paying the original loan from the newly provided funds. This principle is applicable to virtually all types of loans, whether it is short-term loans, consumer loans, overdraft loans, online loans, mortgages or credit card loans. An application for loan refinancing can be submitted online.

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For mortgages, the most advantageous time is always before the end of the fixation period. For other loans, it depends on the terms of payment for the existing institute. Refinancing can be very advantageous even when, for some reason, the borrower can not afford to repay a too high installment. If he finds a new financial company that will give him a lower installment, whether due to lower interest or a longer period to repayment, the loan transfer can greatly help him in an unpleasant situation.

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The conditions for refinancing the loan may vary for different providers. As a rule, however, you generally have to meet the same conditions as when you get a loan.

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You should be at least 18 years old (be careful if you are a self-employed person, the required minimum age may be higher)

You must be eligible for legal acts

You should not be in default with repayment, nor with another loan

Opening a current account before providing a refinanced loan (if the loan is provided by the bank, you may request it)

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The most important advantage is financial savings, or the possibility to reduce repayments or to extend the repayment period.

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It is certainly not guaranteed that refinancing is always better. Always carefully read the terms and conditions and compare them with your existing loan.

Is it true that when refinancing the loan I can not shorten the repayment time and also have a lower installment?

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This certainly must not be true. If the interest rate on your current loan is too high, you can get both a lower installment and a shorter repayment period. It is always worthwhile to compare multiple offers.

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You simply compare offers online and fill in a non-binding form at your selected company. You will then be contacted by a service provider. In case of approval, you will replace the old loan with a new one.