Mortgage loan

A mortgage is a type of long-term credit provided by a bank that is most often used to buy a property or to build or repair it. It is among the best ways to finance housing.

A mortgage can be purchased on a purposeful basis, when it is necessary to prove the purpose for which the funds are used or not, where it is not necessary to document the reason for borrowing money, but the interest on this loan is higher.

Home mortgage loans

To provide this loan it is necessary to provide the necessary documents, including proof of your income, confirmation from the employer, or tax return. Necessary is also the guarantee that is possible, for example, given the real estate on which the mortgage is drawn.

Mortgage loan companies

Our loan comparison calculator works very simply. Enter the required amount in the upper field. With the filter at the top of the screen, you can also limit the parameters so that only tailored loans can be viewed. For each loan, you can see an overview of the basic parameters immediately, such as the maturity or potential amount of the loan. For detailed information on the selected loan, click the “I am interested” button. This will take you to a page with all the relevant information and an online application for the loan. If you are interested in the parameters, simply fill out this form and wait for a representative of the company whose loan you are interested to bring together. The Delegate arranges for you all essential matters by telephone or at a pre-arranged meeting.

Best mortgage loans

Completion of the loan application is non-binding. It is up to you to fill in the application and to contact the representatives of the company. This step may be appropriate if you do not fully orientate in all of the parameters. It will help you make a comprehensive picture of competitive offers.

Current mortgage loan rates

If you are looking for the best loan on the market, follow the APRC rate. Is speed important to you? Prefer the loan with the simplest approval.

Mortgage loan rates today

The offer on our site includes the products of leading and especially trusted lenders. All companies whose products we compare are certified bank and non-bank financial houses. For cooperation, we only select quality businesses that behave visually and honestly to their customers.

Comparison of savings accounts

Take advantage of our clear Savings Account Comparator and choose which bank you will entrust with your funds.

Home mortgage loan rates

Would you like to raise money on your current account, while it is important for you to keep these funds at your fingertips? Then, the savings account is the ideal tool for you. Interest on current account is now near zero. If someone leaves the “surplus” 10,000 dollars in most banks, it earns a maximum of ten dollars, which is much less than the inflation or bank charges itself. Similarly, favorable terms of interest also have term deposits, but you can also choose from the savings accounts before the specified date.

Advantages of refinance home mortgage loans

  • Better interest than current account
  • Money is still available
  • Very simple terms of negotiation
  • Variety of options
  • Mostly management free of charge

There is no need to set up in the same bank as a current account

Online mortgage loans

Classic Savings Account

The Classic Savings Account is another account maintained by the bank in parallel with the current account, offering more interest to it. You can freely forward and re-collect money on this account. Interest does not change either depending on the time or the amount of the account balance.

Savings account with a limited deposit amount

This type of savings account is characterized by more favorable interest to a specific amount, for example 25,000 $. Above the amount of the deposit, interest is offered below.

Savings account with notice period

For a redeemable savings account, there is limited withdrawal of funds after a predetermined withdrawal period, eg 30 calendar days. Interest rates do not change depending on the amount of the deposit.

What to watch out for?

Some banks do not offer house mortgage loan or  the option of opening a savings account without a current account or at least charging for this service. You should also carefully read the terms. As a marketing move, the bank can offer high interest but, for example, only for a certain period of time since the start of the savings account or only with a certain minimum amount coming to your current account.