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Are you a private person and are you over 18 years old? Do you think about which bank account would be best for you? Then take a look at the current account, which is intended for private individuals and adapts to its requirements. The personal account is intended not only for cash and non-cash payments but also offers the possibility of using other products such as internet or telephone banking, various payment cards or overdrafts. Bank charges do not cost you, most banks provide free account maintenance.

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You do not have to carry various documents anywhere Everything is simple and fast You will create your personal account in a few minutes You will not sign a number of declarations and contractual arrangements Everything you take out of the comfort of your home at the time you choose No need to return to the bank due to the issuance of payment or credit cards You can do the whole process through an account comparator that works with official bank website data.

What parameters should a personal account have

Try to take advantage of free of charge actions and offers.

Choose according to the services you will actually use and combine the offers that are right for you.

Take special care about financial products that are linked to your personal account and are offered to you for free. These include, by default, the issue of a debit or credit card or an overdraft approval. For free, you can choose to set up and manage standing orders, payment orders, SMS account status reports, savings account, ATM withdrawals, or card prepayments.

Of course, account management should be free of charge.

How to choose a personal account

When choosing a personal account, consider how you use your account. In any case, make sure you use your personal account primarily in cashless transactions. To do this, you can use direct banking, which you can try out in a demo and choose one that you will be comfortable with. Of course, you can choose from a personal account in cash – whether at a branch or ATM.

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If you often pay for your purchases in cash, be aware of what ATM network you have available and whether you will be charged for the ATMs’ withdrawal. Think ahead, which services you’re really interested in, how often you use them, and choose from many options.

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If you are not sure or do not have time for a detailed survey, use a personal reconciliation account where you will get information about the most advantageous accounts in a while. The ideal choice is a free to charge account, but if you require a large number of non – standard services, try to get at least a personal account with the lowest fees.

Can anyone create a personal online account?

Yes, just the Internet connection and the comfort of home you can do everything yourself – you will follow simple and clear instructions and within a few moments you will become the personal account holder.

What personal account should I choose?

Choose the personal account that offers you the most benefits. You can choose an account by age or by the claims you have on your personal account and depending on which services you will use.

Is a personal account really free?

A vast majority of banks today offer a personal account free of charge. If you are unsure about this option, use the personal comparison feature. Here you will find useful information and advice on account selection and account management with no fees.

Private student loan consolidation. Types of personal accounts

Personal accounts exist in many variations. They may vary depending on which bank is offering them, or who they are designated for and which services they include. It is about:

  • Classic current account – for the general public – for private individuals
  • Business account – with terms adapted to legal entities and entrepreneurs
  • Term account – with more favorable interest, but with money bound for a certain period of time
  • Intelligent Account – Automatically transfers money over a certain limit to mutual funds or interest-bearing accounts
  • Account for Students – Beneath the age category up to 26 years
  • Foreign currency accounts – in foreign currencies
  • Elderly Accounts – With Simple Control and No Fees
  • Other special types of personal loans for students

Which bank offers the best student loan services?

You have to rely on the current offer of individual banks. None of the banks can be said to be the best bank.

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There is a different type of personal account for everyone interested, so you have to compare the offer and choose the one whose terms you are addressing. If you do not want to deal with the comparison, let yourself work by experts who choose the best option for you.